Restructuring and transformation of companies

Restrukturyzacje firm, przekształcenia spółek

Company transformation and company restructuring are processes that are of strategic importance for each company. Organisational innovations along with change in the legal form and the form of taxation make it possible to improve the condition of the company or enterprise, ensure faster development, and allow the entity to meet the customers’ needs and successfully compete with other business, as well as react to other changes in the market environment. Aware of the impact that structural change can have or your business, we attach great importance to restructuring and transformation service.

GLC’s offer related to company restructuring and transformation includes:

  • professional advice on selecting the best legal form for the company, taking into account all relevant legal and tax aspects;
  • research for and drafting of legal opinions on legal and tax issues in the processes of transforming or restructuring companies;
  • all-inclusive implementation of the company transformation or restructuring process, including, but not limited to, preparation of the conversion plan with the necessary documentation and preparing the board resolution on the company transformation, or preparing the statute for the transformed company;
  • preparing and carrying out financial audits and providing the auditor’s opinion which are required in the processes of organisational change

GLC provides its clients with professional and versatile assistance at every stage of the processes crucial for businesses, such as corporate restructuring and transformation processes.


Our experts provide the following support:

  • during the process of restructuring or transformation of the company we offer individual approach depending on the client’s circumstances, requirements and expectations
  • detailed, professional analysis of the current state of the company
  • based on the results of the analysis, we prepare and supervise programs and schedules of the company restructuring or transformation
  • in the course of restructuring and transformations we undertake optimisation of business processes;
  • conducting post-implementation audits
  • further support of the Client in running the business after the transformation process has been completed

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