ENOVA implementation

Enova365 is an integrated system supporting the company resource management process. The most important features distinguishing the program from the competition are: mobility, compliance with the law, the use of modern technologies and the ability to adapt easily the needs of each company.

Each module of the ENOVA365 system reflects one aspects of the company’s function, i.e.: project planning and management, manufacturing, sales and marketing, HR and payroll, accounting and document workflow. The core of the system is a shared database which connects all modules into a coherent system which provides employees, managers and customers with access to relevant data.

ENOVA365 meets the most important needs of companies in the field of management:

  • the program is accessible from any device (computer, tablet, smartphone) – you can work anywhere, anytime. Regardless of how you use it, you have easy access to the same data and functionalities.
  • changes of regulations and new obligations imposed on entrepreneurs necessitate constant updates to the program, such as CDF (common data file) or GDPR. The ENOVA365 experts work tirelessly on adapting the software to the changes in regulations, which guarantees the security of doing business.
  • ENOVA365 keeps pace with new technologies: cloud software accessible via a web browser or on a smartphone is a natural direction of the system development.
  • the system is the answer to the needs of all kind of users, regardless of the industry or type of work they are involves with (trade, production or services). Scalability and modular structure allows you to adapt the system to current needs and give you space to grow. It is extremely important that when your company grows, there is an option to increase the functionality of the system without the need to replace it entirely.

GLC – a long-term partner and distributor of ENOVA365

The GLC team is very experienced in Enova365 implementation and system administration: providing statements, analyses and reports, as well as creation of add-ons and extensions tailored to work with other applications used by the client.


When implementing the system, we ensure:

  • full integration of the client’s IT systems with ENOVA365.
  • efficient and secure transfer of the client’s data to the new system


  • we configure the appropriate applications in accordance with the results of the pre-implementation analysis and the client’s business needs. We help identify those needs and during the presentation of the selected modules we show those program’s functionalities which are optimal for the company.
  • We adapt the system to the specificity of the client’s business and the industry it operates in: we create add-ons, functionalities and extensions of the basic version of the system. Our consultants offer assistance in operating the system, module selection and system development.
  • Apart from the support at the implementation of ENOVA365, at the client’s request we provide ongoing system service, install new versions and updates; as the business develops, we adapt ENOVA365 to the new circumstances and client’s needs.

How to start the adventure with ENOVA365?


  • Contact us and find out more


Our consultants will answer your questions about the functionalities of this system; they will advise on module selection and will propose the further course action.


  • Discover ENOVA365


When choosing a system, it is worth getting to know in advance how it works. As your business partner, we help identify the needs of your business and during the presentation of selected modules we show the functionalities of the program which are optimal for your company.


  • Let us adapt ENOVA365 to the needs of your business


Introducing a new system or replacing an old one is a gradual process. We help you move smoothly through its stages – based on the analysis, we set a timescale, guide a team of our implementers and conduct training for employees.


  • Use Enova365 and stay up-to-date


A well-implemented system will allow you to enjoy the efficiency of its operation. In addition, at the request of our clients, we provide the ongoing system service, install new versions and updates and, as business develops, we adapt and tailor Enova365 to the new requirements.

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